25 Creative Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Old Leather Belts

25 Creative Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Old Leather Belts

1. Vintage Leather Belt Purse

Vintage Leather Belt PurseThis vintage leather belt bag is part of a rather expensive collection, but you could easily DIY one for yourself. You’ll need a few different belts, which you can pick up at any thrift store for around a dollar each. Just work your creative magic and make a purse or wallet that would rival anything you see on the runway.

Source/Tutorial: lasanta

2. DIY Belted Chair

DIY Belted ChairIf you have an old chair that needs a new seat and you have a handful of leather belts, you have what you need to create this lovely belted seat chair. You just weave the belts through each other and then fasten on the bottom of the chair with staples. How gorgeous is this? I love the vintage look of it and how easy it is to create.

Source/Tutorial: savedbylovecreations

3. Vintage Leather Belt Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Leather Belt Cuff BraceletThose old leather belts can be put to good use as bracelets, like you’ll see with this gorgeous cuff bracelet. I love leather and would totally rock this cuff bracelet. It’s got lovely beads and the overall look is very stylish. You can pick this one up on Etsy for just $20 if you don’t feel like making one yourself.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

4. Cheap And Durable Leather Belt Camera Strap

Cheap And Durable Leather Belt Camera StrapA leather belt is the perfect beginning to a sturdy camera strap. You just have to trim the belt down a bit if it’s really long and then use copper wire to hold it to the camera. I love this idea. It has such a rugged rustic look and you can decorate the belt if you want with patches and other design elements.

Source/Tutorial: diyphotography

5. Repurposed Leather Belt Message Board

Repurposed Leather Belt Message BoardThe look of leather for home décor really speaks to me, which is why I love this message board that you can make from a cork pad and an old leather belt. You use the belt to frame and hang the cork pad and the entire look has a very western feel to it. This would be great in the nursery or even in the barn for keeping vet schedules and such.

Source/Tutorial: comfort

6. Cool Leather Belt Door Mat

Cool Leather Belt Door MatI absolutely adore the look of this door mat! It’s made from a collection of old leather belts and it’s just so unique. This project really doesn’t take as much time or skill as you would think and it gives you a lovely door mat that I’m sure is different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Use different sizes and colors of belts to create something really amazing.

Source/Tutorial: lilyshop

7. DIY Leather Belt Crate

DIY Leather Belt CrateYou can turn an ordinary crate into something elegant and beautiful with a few old leather belts. The belts give the crate texture and turn it into something really decorative. This would be great for closet storage or you could even put this out in the open so everyone can admire it.

Source/Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

8. DIY Hanging Terrarium

DIY Hanging TerrariumYou can use a leather belt to help create a lovely hanging terrarium for the bathroom or anywhere you want to add a bit of lovely. Those old glass milk jars, which you can get at most craft stores, or Italian juice jars work beautifully and all you have to do is add your rocks and plants and then attach the belt.

Source/Tutorial: poppytalk

9. Vintage Belt Wrapped Vase

Vintage Belt Wrapped VaseTurn an ordinary vase into something of beauty with a vintage belt. You just have to wrap the belt around the vase and you’re all done. You could also do this with colorful belts for bridal bouquets or bridesmaids bouquets. Just wrap and that’s it! I love the rustic look of this and it would be perfect for displaying in any room in the house.

Source/Tutorial: crownedphoenix

10. DIY Leather Display Shelf Hanger

DIY Leather Display Shelf HangerIf you have a shelf that you want to hang to display something great, why not make it even greater by using a leather strap for the hanger? An old belt can be turned into a great strap that will instantly draw attention to your shelf. Then you will know that whatever you are displaying is sure to be seen.

Source/Tutorial: clonesnclowns

11. Repurposed Leather Belt Dog Collars

Repurposed Leather Belt Dog CollarsIf you are all finished with that belt, why not turn it into a stylish collar for your dog? Leather collars for dogs aren’t cheap by any means, which makes this project even better. You get a great, and sturdy, dog collar and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it just because it’s leather. Just measure and then cut the belt and attach the fastening hardware.

Source/Tutorial: hometalk

12. DIY Leather Drawer Pulls

DIY Leather Drawer PullsIf you really love the look of leather, you can turn those old belts into these amazing drawer pulls. This project is relatively simple and doesn’t take a lot of work or leather working knowhow. You just cut your belt to the size of drawer pulls that you want and then attach them with small nails or rivets.

Source/Tutorial: improvisedlife

13. Elegant Clock Hanger

Elegant Clock HangerTurn that leather belt – or a couple of them in this case – into a great clock. Take an ordinary clock and use a couple of thin leather belts to hug it tight and secure it to the wall. This is a gorgeous look and so very easy to recreate. If you’re looking to get that rustic log cabin or western feel to your home, this is a great place to start.

Source/Tutorial: poppytalk

25 Creative Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Old Leather Belts

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