50 DIY Home Decor And Furniture Projects You Can Make From 2X4s

50 DIY Home Decor And Furniture Projects You Can Make From 2X4s

1. DIY Wood Stocking Hangers

DIY Wood Stocking HangersYou can make these adorable stocking hangers from leftover 2X4 pieces from other projects. You just have to nail the two pieces together, add a hook for hanging the stocking, and then decorate they however you want. The wood pieces are relatively heavy so they’ll keep from topping over – fill those stockings as full as you want. And, this is a much cheaper way to get great stocking holders than paying $10 each for them.

Source/Tutorial: crapivemade

2. Easy Knockoff Charging Station

Easy Knockoff Charging StationThis charging station looks just like those expensive ones you see at department stores, but it will cost you much less. Actually, if you have a 2X4 on hand, it won’t cost you anything. You just need to cut a piece of your board, measure the hole that you need to fit your phone and then stain the board. You can build it to fit your phone no matter what type it is, so there are no worries of the phone not being secure while it’s charging.

Source/Tutorial: remodelaholic

3. DIY Wooden Family Decor

DIY Wooden Family DecorThis wooden décor is gorgeous and a great way to show your love of family. You can obviously do whatever message you want on this, but I really love the Journey To Forever theme. The blocks are all made from leftover 2X4 pieces and then you just paint and add your wording. Or, you can use scrapbook paper and adhere it to your blocks with Mod Podge. What a beautiful display for the mantel or coffee table!

Source/Tutorial: dandelionsanddustbunnies

4. Fast And Easy DIY Sawhorse

Fast And Easy DIY SawhorseIf you need a sawhorse for all of those woodworking projects, this is an easy one to build. You just nail your 2X4s together to create it and since those boards are a bit heavy, this little sawhorse is rock solid. You won’t have to worry about your boards slipping when you have them on here for sawing. If you don’t have a sawhorse, and you don’t want to spend upwards of $50 to buy a pair, I strongly recommend this DIY project.

Source/Tutorial: familyhandyman

5. Easy DIY Bike Rack

Easy DIY Bike RackTake those old 2X4s and put them to great use building this easy DIY bike rack. If you have kids, and those kids have bikes, you know how those bikes can be left out or topple over, getting in the way of everything. You can build this great basic bike rack in the garage, on the porch, or wherever you normally store your bikes. It keeps everyone’s bike separate and keeps them from falling over when they’re not in use. Plus, it’s a really easy build.

Source/Tutorial: wordsnwood

6. DIY wooden Bench And Side Table

DIY wooden Bench And Side TableYou can make this great outdoor bench and side table in a weekend. It’s the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for the deck or porch and it only takes a few 2X4s to complete. You don’t really even need to know that much about woodworking to build it. It’s pretty straightforward and simple and really is a wonderful bench for the backyard.

Source/Tutorial: jayscustomcreations

7. Super Easy 2X4 Nightstand

Super Easy 2X4 NightstandIf you’ve ever dreamed of having a farmhouse style bedroom, this 2X4 nightstand is a must. It’s such an easy little stand to build and it really does give off that great rustic country vibe. You only need three 2X4s to make it, too – and at less than $10 each, that’s way less than you would pay for a designer farmhouse nightstand. You can afford to put one on each side of the bed!

Source/Tutorial: morelikehome

8. $20 DIY Workbench

$20 DIY WorkbenchIf you tend to love woodworking projects, this workbench is certainly something that you should build. You can get all of the supplies you need to make it for around $20, which is much cheaper than buying an already made workbench. It’s cheap and nothing that you would expect to see in a high end workshop, but it’s also sturdy and definitely gets the job done.

Source/Tutorial: hammerzone

9. DIY Wooden Candle Holders

DIY Wooden Candle HoldersIf you’ve ever done a woodworking project, you know that there are going to be scrap pieces of wood left over. You can turn those scrap 2X4 pieces into these lovely candle holders that fit a tealight candle perfectly. Just cut your candle holders all to the same size, use a drill bit to create the hole for the tealight candle and then sand and stain. Or, you can leave them plain if you prefer that great rustic look.

Source/Tutorial: bobvila

10. Floating Wooden Shelf Or Mantel

Floating Wooden Shelf Or MantelThis great floating shelf has a nice rustic quality to it. This little shelf is really easy to build and will only take you a couple of hours at the most. You can use it for a mantel if you don’t have one – imagine hanging your stockings from it! Once it’s finished, just stain however you want and maybe sand it down a bit to give it a great worn look.

Source/Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

11. Rustic Crate Style Dresser

Rustic Crate Style DresserA few 2X4s and some other materials will net you this gorgeous rustic styled dresser. I love the crate style look. It gives off such a nice farmhouse vibe. If you’re planning to buy a new dresser, take a look at this one first. You can build it for much less than a new one would cost, especially when you build it in this beautiful rustic style.

Source/Tutorial: ana-white

12. DIY Farmhouse Style Entry Table

DIY Farmhouse Style Entry TableYou only need a couple of 2X4s to build this beautiful farmhouse style entry table. You could also use this as a console – however you use it, you’re going to love the farmhouse quality. It’s such a simple rustic design and you can build the entire table, even if you don’t have any other materials, for $20 or less. Imagine having this amazing table for less than $20!

Source/Tutorial: avisiontoremember

13. DIY 2X4 Farmhouse Kitchen Table

DIY 2X4 Farmhouse Kitchen TableHere’s a great project for using up those 2X4s – build yourself a farmhouse kitchen table! I love this entire project. It’s a relatively easy build and I just adore the thought of a huge kitchen table where family and friends can gather. If you’ve ever wanted to bring some serious farmhouse style into your home décor, this is your chance. And, you’ll save hundreds by building it yourself instead of buying it.

Source/Tutorial: simplesoutherncharmblog

14. DIY Wooden Planter Box Centerpiece

DIY Wooden Planter Box CenterpieceAdd some beauty and charm to your dining room table and use up those scrap 2X4 pieces at the same time. This centerpiece is so easy to make and it is absolutely gorgeous when it’s finished. It’s just a little box that you build from your scrap 2X4 pieces. Once you stain it, and maybe distress it a bit, and add your vases, it transforms into a beautiful centerpiece that has a really nice rustic look to it.

Source/Tutorial: shanty-2-chic.

15. Fourth Of July Wooden Flag Blocks

Fourth Of July Wooden Flag BlocksYou can display these great flag blocks any time of the year, but they would be really great for the Fourth of July. This is another project that only needs your scrap wood so if you’ve done other DIYs with your 2X4s and you just want something to use those scraps for, here’s a wonderful project. Just cut off the ends, sand them down, and paint them to resemble a flag. It’s an easy and absolutely beautiful project.

Source/Tutorial: simplykierste

16. Wooden Floral Centerpiece

Wooden Floral Centerpiece Here’s another wonderful DIY centerpiece idea that you can create with those leftover 2X4 pieces. This one has small holes all around the base that you can put bud vases in. Just fill those little vases with whatever flowers you want to display. You just put all the pieces together, drill the holes and then stain or paint. You can use test tubes for your vases and then just add your favorite blooms.

Source/Tutorial: infarrantlycreative

17. DIY Funky Modern Lamp

DIY Funky Modern LampThis lamp has a really unique look and it’s perfect for any room in the house. You build the base, which is pretty high by the way, out of your 2X4s and then just add the lighting kit and a nice lampshade. You can make the lamp as short or as tall as you want or need, just cut those boards however long you need them before assembling it all together.

Source/Tutorial: morelikehome

18. Easy Homemade Life Size Jenga Game

Easy Homemade Life Size Jenga GameImagine having your friends and family over to play this life size Jenga game! This is probably the most fun project on this list and it really does look simple to make. Jenga after all, is merely a game of wooden boards that you strategically place and replace until someone wins, right? You can do that with your 2X4s and really cause some excitement at your next gathering. This is a great idea for those summer evenings when you want something fun and exciting to do in the backyard.

Source/Tutorial: lovebugliving

19. DIY 2X4 Half Lap Barstool

DIY 2X4 Half Lap BarstoolI’ve always wanted to make my own barstools. I just can never seem to find the ones that I want, which is why I love this 2X4 project idea. You can make your own set of barstools with just a few boards and then paint or stain them however you need to so that they match your home décor. I love this idea for its uniqueness and for how really simple it is to do.

Source/Tutorial: jayscustomcreations

20. Handmade Hanging Wine Rack

Handmade Hanging Wine RackI have a wine rack but it’s nowhere near as gorgeous as this one. Plus, mine doesn’t hang. This one hangs on the wall to keep it out of the way and it’s the simplest wine rack you will ever think about building. You just treat your wood however you want – stain, paint, etc. – and then drill holes, strategically placed of course, to hold your wine bottles. This is perfect if you need a wine rack but don’t really have room for something big and bulky.

Source/Tutorial: sawdusttosequins

21. DIY Hexagon Wall Planters

DIY Hexagon Wall PlantersIf you want something really unique from those 2X4s, build these hexagon wall planters. You cut strips of the 2X4 (you only need a couple of feet for each planter) and then assemble them to hold a mason jar. Inside the mason jar, you can put all sorts of fresh flowers or plants. These are so creative and will look beautiful hanging inside your home.

Source/Tutorial: lovecreatecelebrate

22. Homemade 2X4 Picture Frames

Homemade 2X4 Picture FramesIn just a few minutes, you can turn those 2X4s into beautifully rustic picture frames. These little frames are perfect for holding your most precious images and they are all so very easy to make. You can use those scrap pieces of board from other projects and create a frame that is perfect for gift giving. Make them as simple or as fancy as you like.

Source/Tutorial: woodgears

23. DIY Rustic Crate

DIY Rustic CrateYou can buy one of these rustic crates for use in any number of DIY projects. They run around $10 or so each. Or, you can make one yourself from your 2X4s and they will cost you about $3 each. You’ll need some serious power tools for this one to cut the boards down to size and to round them off. Once you’re finished, you can use your wooden crate to create so many wonderful things!

Source/Tutorial: instructables

24. Handmade Industrial Hallway Cart

Handmade Industrial Hallway CartThis little cart won’t take you long to make and it will be a great table for the hallway. If you love the industrial look, this is a great way to incorporate it into your home for less. If you prefer something a bit more farmhouse style, you can change the hardware and give it more of a country rustic look. Once it’s finished, use wicker baskets to hold loads of items. This would also be a great bathroom cabinet for extra towels if you have the room.

Source/Tutorial: infarrantlycreative

25. DIY Wooden Kitchen Island

DIY Wooden Kitchen IslandDid you know that you can build your own kitchen island for around $30? This wooden island made from 2X4s is not only beautiful, it’s also functional and so much cheaper than anything you can buy in a store. I love the rustic look of this, especially with the wood on white but you can do it in any color or design that you want. The point is, it’s really cheap and it’s the perfect island for any kitchen.

Source/Tutorial: mominmusiccity

50 DIY Home Decor And Furniture Projects You Can Make From 2X4s

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