40 Rustic DIY Twine Projects To Decorate Your Home And Garden

40 Rustic DIY Twine Projects To Decorate Your Home And Garden

1. Easy DIY Twine Bowl

Easy DIY Twine BowlImagine what you could use this twine bowl for! It could be a fruit bowl, hold your favorite jewelry or even be used as decoration for any table or shelf. And, it’s really easy to make. You just turn a mixing bowl upside down and glue your twine together using that as a mold. You can make these in any size you need and all of them will be really sturdy.

Source/Tutorial: creeklinehouse

2. DIY Twine Apple Art

DIY Twine Apple ArtI love this twine apple art! It’s so unique and so very easy to make. Of course, you could do this with any fruit or other item that you wanted. The gist is to make the actual art from twine and then add a nice frame with maybe a burlap backing to give it a great rustic look. You can even find baker’s twine in different colors!

Source/Tutorial: domestically-speaking

3. Decorative Twine Wrapped Bottle

Decorative Twine Wrapped BottleWrap a glass or even a plastic bottle in twine and what do you have? You’ve got a nice decorative piece that can double as a vase or just décor to stand alone. This is a really easy project, too. You just wrap the twine around your bottle, taking time to glue or Mod Podge it in place as you go. Then add decorations like a cute little burlap flower and you’re all done.

Source/Tutorial: thatchurchcreative

4. Twine Button Bracelets

Twine Button BraceletsThese bracelets are made with wooden buttons on twine and they’re absolutely gorgeous. You can buy the buttons from any craft or hobby store or cut them out yourself if you are so inclined. Once you have them decorated however you want, string them up with twine to create very fashionable bracelets that you (and everyone you know) will love.

Source/Tutorial: cosmocricket

5. DIY Braided Twine Placemat

DIY Braided Twine PlacematThese DIY braided twine placemats will rival anything you can buy in a department store and they’re much cheaper. The process is a bit long and time-consuming, but it will be worth it when you see the end result. You just braid three strands of twine together and twist and hot glue as you go. It might be faster to braid first and then create the circular pattern when you have all of your braids finished.

Source/Tutorial: creeklinehouse

6. Anthropologie Inspired Twine Cabinet Handle Makeover

Anthropologie Inspired Twine Cabinet Handle MakeoverIf you’ve ever wanted new cabinet handles and you just didn’t want to spend money to get them, this project is for you. You can wrap those handles in twine and give your cabinets a great rustic look, while saving yourself a lot of money. These handles look like they came straight from Anthropologie. Only you will know it’s an easy DIY project!

Source/Tutorial: houserevivals

7. Twine Wrapped Christmas Ornaments

Twine Wrapped Christmas OrnamentsI love decorating with burlap and twine for Christmas. It gives your home such a wonderful rustic look. That said, these DIY twine Christmas ornaments are so easy and will look so beautiful on your tree this coming holiday season. To make them, you simply cover plastic balls or any spherical shaped object in twine, gluing the twine down as you go. Add lace or other embellishments to make them even more decorative.

Source/Tutorial: domesticallyblissful

8. DIY Twine Embellished Clock

DIY Twine Embellished ClockThis is a clock that you can make completely from scratch and the twine gives it a lovely rustic country look. You use a piece of painted plywood for the base and then add twine to give it character – in whatever design you want. You could also cover the clock base completely if you want. When you’re finished decorating, just add your clock kit and you’re all done.

Source/Tutorial: diohomeimprovements

9. Easy DIY Twine Coasters

Easy DIY Twine CoastersThese little coasters are so simple to make and they have a great beach look to them. If you love sitting by the waves and soaking up the sun, you are definitely going to want these- whether you’re at the beach or not. To make them, you simply coil twine around a cork coaster and secure it with school glue. So easy and they are such a lovely addition to your home!

Source/Tutorial: findingsilverpennies

10. Upcycled Light Bulb Pears

Upcycled Light Bulb PearsI love this little project! It’s a great upcycling project for burned out light bulbs and you get great new décor as well. To make these upcycled light bulb pears, you simply wrap twine around those regular light bulbs and glue it on as you go. You can use these to decorate anywhere in the house and they look particularly lovely in a basket as a centerpiece for your dining room table.


11. Custom Twine Storage Basket

Custom Twine Storage BasketDid you know that you can make DIY storage bins from empty cardboard boxes and twine? Well, now you do. This is one of the easiest projects ever and it gives you beautiful new storage boxes – without spending the $5 or $10 each to get them. Instead of buying them, you simply make and the great thing about this is, you can make these in any size or shape you need. Just glue twine to an empty cardboard box and add some fabric embellishments and you’re done!

Source/Tutorial: creeklinehouse

12. DIY Twine Eggs

DIY Twine EggsI’ve seen these little twine Easter eggs in department stores for around $10 each. But, you can make your own for less than a dollar per egg! You simply hot glue twine around plastic Easter eggs. It’s easy and it’s such a wonderful way to add some spring decorations around your home. Plastic eggs are really inexpensive and you can do several with just one package of twine.

Source/Tutorial: domestically-speaking

13. DIY Rustic Gift Wrap

DIY Rustic Gift WrapThis project is so easy and makes your gifts look so gorgeous. The next time you have a gift to wrap, use twine to tie it up instead of traditional gift ribbon. This works really well if you wrap the gift in burlap or put it in a brown paper sack. You can also add a little lace or paper doily to give it extra decoration.

Source/Tutorial: candidlypretty

14. DIY Twine Flowers

DIY Twine FlowersTwine flowers can be used to decorate so many things and they’re so very easy to make. Just twist the twine into shape and use Mod Podge or glue to hold it all together. You can also add any number of embellishments for the centers like glass stones or beads, colored burlap circles, buttons or just about anything else you have on hand.

Source/Tutorial: happyhourcrafts

15. Twine Memento Picture Frame

Twine Memento Picture FrameI love this frame that isn’t necessarily covered in twine (although you could do that if you want) but instead it uses twine to hold your favorite photos. You just string twine through the frame – with the glass removed – and then use tiny clothespins to hold your favorite photographs. This makes it easy to change those photos as often as you like and it’s a great rustic looking frame that takes only minutes to put together.

Source/Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

16. DIY Twine String Art

DIY Twine String ArtString art is a fun and easy way to add some decor to your home and it’s a project that kids will love doing. All you need to create your string art, aside from twine, is a block of wood and a few nails. You can decorate the wood by painting it or add scrapbooking paper. Then draw out the design you want with nails and use twine to create the art.

Source/Tutorial: thehappyhousie

17. Repurposed Mason Jar Storage

Repurposed Mason Jar StorageYou can turn regular mason jars into beautiful storage, vases, or candleholders when you add twine. If you want a really rustic look, add lace and/or burlap along with the twine. Just cover the jar in whatever design you want, hot gluing the twine in place as you go. Or, you can use Mod Podge to hold your twine in place and then just add whatever decorative elements you want.

Source/Tutorial: redheadbabymama

18. DIY Twine Wrapped Christmas Trees

DIY Twine Wrapped Christmas TreesThese little twine wrapped Christmas trees are super easy to make and will rival any similar items that you could find in Pottery Barn or other high end department stores. You just need a craft cone and some twine. Just wrap the twine around the cone, gluing it or Mod Podging as you go along. You can add decorative elements to create ornaments or leave them as they are for a great centerpiece display.

Source/Tutorial: thriftyandchic

19. Upcycled Cardboard Twine Sign

Upcycled Cardboard Twine SignYou can spell out any message you want and these will still not cost you more than just a couple dollars. These twine covered signs only cost you the price of the twine. You make the actual sign out of cardboard so it’s a really inexpensive decor idea. Just cut the letters out of your cardboard and then cover them in twine, gluing the twine down as you go. You can add any number of decorative elements or, these make great standalone decor ideas.

Source/Tutorial: craftygirlaz

20. DIY Woven Twine Bench

DIY Woven Twine BenchThis woven twine bench takes a bit more work than some of the other projects on the list, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. You build it from top to bottom and all you need are some wood pieces – that you may have left over from other projects – and some twine, along with screws and other hardware. It’s a beautiful bench and it’s just perfect for the porch or entryway.

Source/Tutorial: themerrythought

40 Rustic DIY Twine Projects To Decorate Your Home And Garden

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