40 Relaxing Wind Chime Ideas To Fill Your Outdoors With Beautiful Sounds

40 Relaxing Wind Chime Ideas To Fill Your Outdoors With Beautiful Sounds


1. Vintage Metal Teapot Wind Chime

Vintage Metal Teapot Wind ChimeYou can turn an old metal teapot – or coffee pot for that matter – into a gorgeous wind chime that sounds amazing when the wind blows. The chimes on this one are old spoons and other silver cutlery which has a beautiful sound when it clinks against the teapot. Tie your chimes to the teapot with hemp, twine or regular rope and sit back and listen to the wonderful sounds it makes.

Tutorial/Source: butter-nugget

2. DIY Bottle Cap Wind Chime

DIY Bottle Cap Wind ChimeYou can save bottle caps from drinks or buy them at most craft stores. When you have a few, turn them into a gorgeous wind chime. I’ve seen this done in many ways and all of them are great. If you want a more vintage look, leave your bottle caps as they are. If you prefer something more modern and colorful, you can spray paint each one. Then just string them all up together and add any decorative properties that you want.

Tutorial/Source: frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

3. Chain Heart Valentine Wind Chime

Chain Heart Valentine Wind ChimeThis heart made of chains is not only rustically beautiful; it also gives off a wonderful sound when the wind hits it. You make it with an old chain, some metal for the base and a wooden post to show it off. This is a really easy project to do, and it’s a unique take on the traditional wind chime. You could do this in any number of shapes to make it more unique.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

4. Easy DIY Colorful Wind Chime

Easy DIY Colorful Wind ChimeThis beautifully colored wind chime is made with an inverted terra cotta planter and the chimes are made from colorful glass shells. You can find these at most hobby or craft stores. The shells are tied together with invisible cord or you could even use fishing line if you already have some on hand. This entire project costs less than $20 and that’s if you have to buy everything.

Tutorial/Source: myhomemystyle

5. Handmade Sun Catcher Wind Chime

Handmade Sun Catcher Wind ChimeSun catchers are gorgeous, especially when they’re combined with a wind chime so you get beautiful colors and sounds. You can completely make this one yourself from melted plastic and beads. You melt the plastic yourself, which you should do outdoors if at all possible so that you’re not smelling that horrid melted plastic smell. When it’s finished, this is a gorgeous sun catcher that is filled with color.

Tutorial/Source: stayathomelife

6. Natural Wood Chime

Natural Wood ChimeYou can make this natural wind chime from a branch or piece of driftwood. The chimes are organic clay shapes, which you can pick up at any hobby or craft store, or make them yourself. This one offers a beautiful melody and would be perfect to hang in the garden or on the back deck, wherever you want to add some natural beauty.

Tutorial/Source: gardentherapy

7. Beautiful DIY Driftwood Wind Chime

Beautiful DIY Driftwood Wind ChimeThis beautiful chime is made from all driftwood, so the sound you get is more of a deeper clank than a metal bell sound. It’s a pretty easy project, too. You’ll need driftwood and then a drill to make holes. You just string the driftwood together with rope or twine and then hang it on the porch for a lovely natural sound.

Tutorial/Source: goinghometoroost

8. Upcycled Stained Glass Sun Catcher Wind Chime

Upcycled Stained Glass Sun Catcher Wind ChimeThis stained glass sun catcher and wind chime is gorgeous and it gives off a lovely sound. It’s made with stained glass squares that are tied together with beaded cord and they hang from a wine bottle. I found this one on Etsy for around $60 and it’s made from an upcycled wine bottle and has more than 26 pieces of stained glass overall.

Tutorial/Source: etsy.com

9. Rustic DIY Flatware Wind Chime

Rustic DIY Flatware Wind ChimeYou can create a beautifully sounding wind chime and upcycle that old flatware at the same time. If you have some old silver spoons and forks that you aren’t using any longer, you can turn them into this lovely wind chime with some fishing line and a few other key supplies. This one is as rustic as it is lovely and is perfect if you’re looking to add a farmhouse quality to your outdoors.

Tutorial/Source: whimsy-love

10. Glass Cube Wind Chime

Glass Cube Wind ChimeGlass tiles give this wind chime a lovely sound when the breeze hits it. This is a really easy one to make and for the base, you can just use a small branch or piece of driftwood. You just drill a hole into the glass tiles, just large enough to fit the line through and then hang. You have a lot of creativity with this one too, depending on the actual tiles and colors that you buy.

Tutorial/Source: newhousenewhomenewlife

11. Vintage Treasures Wind Chime

Vintage Treasures Wind ChimeThis is a wonderful way to preserve some memories and create something new at the same time. This vintage treasures wind chime is made with old keys, jewelry and other items that all fit together perfectly. Just look around and see what you have on hand that might make a wonderful sound when in the breeze and put it all together to see what you can create.

Tutorial/Source: rebeccasower

12. Rustic Mason Jar Lid Chime

Rustic Mason Jar Lid ChimeTurn those old mason jar lids into a beautiful wind chime this summer. This is an excellent craft for the kiddos when they get bored over the summer. Just paint the lids from your old canning projects and drill a hole big enough to fit some twine through. Then just string them all up and attach to a base of some sort. An embroidery hoop works perfectly for the base.

Tutorial/Source: craftingagreenworld

13. Vintage Mason Jar Wind Chime

Vintage Mason Jar Wind ChimeAn old mason jar can be cut in half to make a lovely vintage wind chime. This is the perfect chime if you’re looking for that country look and it’s really elegant with beads and other pieces flowing down from it. The jar works as the base and glass beads and old costume jewelry can be used to make the chimes.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

14. Melted Bead Heart Wind Chime

Melted Bead Heart Wind ChimeThis lovely heart wind chime is made from melted beads. You can put the beads in a silicon mold and then bake them to create your shapes. This is an excellent project for little ones. They can help to fill up the molds and even choose the colors that they want to use to make their wind chime.

Tutorial/Source: notimeforflashcards

15. Upcycled Game Piece Wind Chime

Upcycled Game Piece Wind ChimeWhat do you do with an old baking tin and some game pieces? You make a wind chime out of them. I love this idea! The base is an old bundt pan, although you could use any number of things for this. The chimes are game pieces like dice, monopoly pieces, dominoes, and others and they’re strung together with fishing wire with a few beads thrown in for beauty and sound.

Tutorial/Source: flickr.com

16. Shabby Chic DIY Wind Chime

Shabby Chic DIY Wind ChimeThis shabby chic wind chime uses old skeleton keys and faux pearls to give it a very unique look. The keys sound beautiful when they blow in the wind and the entire chime is just gorgeous. If you want something elegant with just a little kick of creative, this is definitely an idea for you to try. And, if you don’t have any old skeleton keys, you can pick them up at flea markets and thrift stores for less than a dollar each in most cases.

Tutorial/Source: cancandancer

17. Vintage Pot Strainer Wind Chime

Vintage Pot Strainer Wind ChimeYou can literally make something out of anything. This pot strainer wind chime is proof of that. The base is a vintage pot strainer and the chimes are made of silverware or other old kitchen utensils. It has a wonderful rustic farmhouse look that I love and sounds amazing in the wind. I saw this one on Etsy and knew that I had to share it with you. You can pick it up for around $18.

Tutorial/Source: etsy.com

18. Kids Craft – DIY Key Wind Chime

Kids Craft – DIY Key Wind ChimeThis colorful wind chime is the perfect thing for kids to make when its rainy outside. You make it from keys that are painted all sorts of bright colors and tie the keys to a branch or stick with ribbon. If you’re like me, you have all sorts of old keys that you don’t use anymore – because you don’t know what they go to. This would be the perfect way to put those otherwise useless keys to good use and give the kids a craft to keep them busy.

Tutorial/Source: innerchildfun

19. Repurposed Flower Pot Wind Chime

Repurposed Flower Pot Wind ChimeA few terra cotta planters make a wonderful wind chime when you add some string and a ringer. You can choose any number of things to make your chime. The beauty of this project is in the terra cotta base. Paint those pots to match your outdoor décor or to make a really great contrasting statement. This entire project shouldn’t cost more than $10 if you have to buy everything.

Tutorial/Source: houseofjoyfulnoise

20. Seashell Wind Chime

Seashell Wind ChimeIf you love the beach and you want to bring some of it home with you – if you aren’t lucky enough to live on the coast, that is – this seashell wind chime is perfect. Gather up those shells the next time you go on vacation or you can buy bags of shells at craft stores and sometimes at the Dollar Store. String them up with fishing line and attach to a piece of driftwood and you’ll be reminded of those beautiful waves every time the wind blows.

Tutorial/Source: poindext


40 Relaxing Wind Chime Ideas To Fill Your Outdoors With Beautiful Sounds

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