25 Manly DIY Fathers Day Gifts From Upcycled Materials

25 Manly DIY Fathers Day Gifts From Upcycled Materials

1. Repurposed Ammo Box Speakers

Repurposed Ammo Box SpeakersThese speakers are perfect for the Dad who loves his music and you can easily make them from an old ammo box. If you don’t have an ammo box, you can pick them up at any Army surplus store or at many yard sales and flea markets.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

2. DIY Camouflage Organizer

DIY Camouflage OrganizerAny wooden box or even a cardboard one for that matter would be perfect for making this camouflage organizer. Dad can use it to store his television or game remotes or use it in the bedroom as a valet. It’s easy to make and he’s going to love having his very own organizer for his things.

Tutorial/Source: modpodgerocksblog

3. Dad’s DIY Car Wash Kit

Dad’s DIY Car Wash KitEven if it seems like you’re giving Dad a job to do with this kit, he’s going to love having his very own car wash kit. This can easily be made from a repurposed plastic bowl or tub – which you can get at the Dollar Store for just a couple of dollars. Then, just fill it with everything he would need to wash and wax his favorite vehicles – and yours, too.

Tutorial/Source: innerchildfun

4. Personalized Bar Bottles

Personalized Bar BottlesYou can turn an ordinary glass bottle into a lovely personalized bar bottle, which Dad will love if he’s passionate about his bar. You just print the name of his favorite liquor onto a peelable label and put them on the bottles. You could even use mason jars or something similar if you want to make them look rustic.

Tutorial/Source: lovelyindeed

5. Upcycled Wood Picture

Upcycled Wood Picture What Dad wouldn’t love a picture that is integrated into a slab of wood? I adore this look and it’s really rustic, so it’s perfect for those Dads who don’t like feminine or otherwise decorative picture frames. You can get this done on Etsy and they will put your picture on a slab of wood for you – it’s only about $25 to do so, too and makes it much easier than trying to do it yourself.

Tutorial/Source: etsy

6. Upcycled Brake Disc Clock

Upcycled Brake Disc ClockHere’s a gorgeous clock that you can make out of an old brake disc. Any Dad who loves his garage and cars will adore this one and it’s not nearly as difficult to make as you may think. It definitely has that manly look going for it and it’s really perfect for Dad if he’s a mechanic or body shop worker.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

7. Repurposed Pallet Bar Cart

Repurposed Pallet Bar CartIf Dad loves his outdoor entertaining, why not just build him this great bar cart. You can make this out of old pallets and it’s roomy enough for just about any drink ingredient you can imagine. This would even be great for non-alcoholic drinks. Use it to serve sodas and lemonade by the pool this summer.

Tutorial/Source: remodelista

8. Jean And Leather BBQ Belt

Jean And Leather BBQ BeltRepurpose those old blue jeans and turn them into this great BBQ belt for Dad. He can store all of his cooking essentials and he’ll love the manly denim and leather that makes it up. You can even use repurposed leather if you have it, so this entire belt won’t cost you anything to make and it’s the perfect gift for those BBQing Dads.

Tutorial/Source: hgtv

9. Dad Worthy Leather Mouse Pad

Dad Worthy Leather Mouse PadGive Dad a mouse pad that is as masculine as they come. This leather graphic mouse pad is so easy to create and is definitely one of those custom things that he would never consider getting for himself. You just need a mouse pad, acrylic paint and an old scrap of leather to create it.

Tutorial/Source: curbly

10. Repurposed Oak Nightstand Valet

Repurposed Oak Nightstand ValetGive Dad the ultimate gift with this organizing valet for his nightstand. It’s made from repurposed wood and has that nice rustic country farmhouse look. It will hold his watch, phone, and just about anything else that he wants to keep nearby while he sleeps. You can get this on Etsy for around $40 if you prefer not to make it yourself.

Tutorial/Source: etsy

11. Repurposed Beach Towel Hammock

Repurposed Beach Towel HammockTurn an oversized beach towel into a wonderfully relaxing hammock and really make Dad’s day. He will adore being able to nap in his very own hammock and let’s face it, all Dads really want their own private nap retreat, right? This one is really easy to make with an oversized cotton towel or an old blanket.

Tutorial/Source: designsponge

12. Easy DIY Leather Wrapped Flask

Easy DIY Leather Wrapped FlaskIf Dad tends to take along a flask, or even if he doesn’t, this leather wrapped one is perfect. It’s a real man’s man type gift and perfect for Dads who like to take a little sip throughout their day. He could even fill it with energy drink if he’s not an alcohol lover or anything he wants. The style is gorgeous and this is really easy to make with an old scrap of leather and a cheap metal flask.

Tutorial/Source: ispydiy

13. Repurposed Denim Roll Up Tool Organizer

Repurposed Denim Roll Up Tool OrganizerYou can use denim or leather to create this tool organizer and Dad is going to love it whatever you use. If you have an old pair of jeans that are just looking for a repurposing project, here it is. You can embroider labels for the tools or just leave that step out and let Dad put the tools in whatever slots he wants. This is a fairly easy project and one that he is sure to adore.

Tutorial/Source: craftstylish

25 Manly DIY Fathers Day Gifts From Upcycled Materials

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