25 Cute Repurposing Ideas To Turn Old Neckties Into Wonderful New Things

25 Cute Repurposing Ideas To Turn Old Neckties Into Wonderful New Things

1. Repurposed Tie Wrap Bracelet

Repurposed Tie Wrap BraceletI found this gorgeous tie bracelet on Etsy but you could totally recreate the look if you prefer to DIY it. This one in particular is really pretty and has a wrap style with metal washer to tie it all together. If you prefer to buy instead of DIY, you can pick this one up for less than $15.

Tutorial/source: etsy.com

2. DIY Monogramed Necktie Coffee Cuff

DIY Monogramed Necktie Coffee CuffTurn those monogramed ties into amazing coffee cuffs with this project. You’ll need one tie for each cuff and if you don’t have any that are monogramed, that’s ok, too. You can add the monograming yourself. This is a pretty simple project and one that only requires a small bit of sewing. It’s also a wonderful way to get a custom coffee cuff and it makes a great gift idea.

Tutorial/source: dukesandduchesses

3. Easy DIY Necktie Eyeglasses Case

Easy DIY Necktie Eyeglasses CaseIf you need a great glasses case, and you want to use up some of those old neckties, this is the project for you. This is a simple way to get a great case to protect your glasses and there’s absolutely no sewing required. You can use fabric glue to hold everything in place, and since you only really use the end of the tie, you’ve got more tie to use on other projects.

Tutorial/source: oliveandlove

4. Great Repurposed Necktie Lampshade

Great Repurposed Necktie LampshadeI love this lampshade that is made from repurposed neckties. What a wonderful addition to any den or man cave! You basically just use hot glue to stick the ties to a regular lampshade and then take the time to trim away those longer sections. The wide sections create a nice little ruffle effect and gives the lampshade a wonderful look.

Tutorial/source: dukesandduchesses averyblessednest

5. Easy DIY Zippered Necktie Pouch

Easy DIY Zippered Necktie PouchThis zippered pouch made from a necktie makes the perfect coin purse or small makeup carrier. This one does require sewing but it’s mostly to put in the zipper. You use one tie for each pouch and they really are handy when it comes to keeping change and other small items organized. They would be perfect for kids’ school lunch money or any number of other things.

Tutorial/source: polkadotchair

6. Repurposed Necktie iPod Pouch

Repurposed Necktie iPod PouchMake yourself, or anyone else, a wonderful pouch for their iPhone or iPad with an old necktie. Using the wider end, you simply create the pouch and then hold it together with a snap or even Velcro if you prefer. This is a pretty simple project and would be the perfect way to get the men in your family to better protect those Apple products.

Tutorial/source: bespangledjewelry

7. Recycled Necktie Decoupage Mirror

Recycled Necktie Decoupage MirrorYou can also use those old neckties to create stunning decoupage. This mirror may be my favorite thing ever. It’s so elegant with paisley ties, although you could also use character neckties if you wanted to create a theme. You just go over the mirror base with your pieces of necktie and then seal it all in with Mod Podge.

Tutorial/source: dishfunctionaldesigns

8. Stylish Necktie School Bag

Stylish Necktie School BagTurn those old neckties into a really stylish bag for you or your little girl. You’ll need several ties to complete this project and you can choose ties in the same color scheme or mix and match for a really dramatic bag. This is a bit more complicated than some of the other projects on the list, but the end result is definitely worth the extra effort.

Tutorial/source: craftbits

9. Upcycled Necktie Belt

Upcycled Necktie BeltYou could simply thread an old necktie through your belt loops and go for it, or you could make an actual belt using this really easy method. This is a great way to add some style to your wardrobe without spending half your paycheck. It’s an easy project that only requires a minimal amount of sewing. The belt is held together with a hook and eye closure, or you could just as easily add snaps or Velcro for the closure.

Tutorial/source: bespangledjewelry

10. DIY Necktie Hat

DIY Necktie HatThis great hat has such a flower appeal to it. It makes you think of a fairy hat – think Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan. It’s also pretty easy to sew together and would be perfect for keeping your head stylish or as part of a fairy costume for Halloween. You just cut the ties down to size and then sew them together with the wide ends facing down toward your neck.

Tutorial/source: craftster

11. DIY Repurposed Necktie Cuff Bracelet

DIY Repurposed Necktie Cuff BraceletHere’s another wonderful bracelet that you can make yourself with an old necktie. This one has a great cuff style and is so easy to put together. Just cut the wider part away and fold the tie over, securing it with any number of buttons or other trinkets. There is a bit of sewing involved, but not much. You can easily have this done in short of an hour.

Tutorial/source: hercampus

12. Stylish DIY Necktie Headband

Stylish DIY Necktie HeadbandA vintage necktie would make a beautiful vintage headband, don’t you think? I love this project and it’s great for little girls and big girls alike. You’ll need one tie for each headband, and it only takes about five minutes to make. You’ll add elastic to the inside of the tie fabric to give it that elasticity that it needs to keep your hair beautifully in place.

Tutorial/source: craftingagreenworld

13. Easy Silk Tie Luggage Tags

Easy Silk Tie Luggage TagsTurn those old silk ties into beautiful luggage tags in less than an hour. You can create an entire set of these tags in an hour. They’re so easy to make and they really do dress up your luggage in a beautiful way. If you have different sets of luggage, just use a different necktie to create a new tag for each set.

Tutorial/source: crafttestdummies

25 Cute Repurposing Ideas To Turn Old Neckties Into Wonderful New Things

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