20 Solar Light Repurposing Ideas To Brighten Up Your Outdoors

20 Solar Light Repurposing Ideas To Brighten Up Your Outdoors


1. Solar Jack-O-Lantern Lights

Solar Jack-O-Lantern LightsIt’s not close to Halloween, but you have to admit that this Jack-O-Lantern solar light is adorable. If you normally carve pumpkins for Halloween and put candles in them, this is an even better idea. Not only do you not have to watch the candles – in case they get out of hand – but these solar lights will give off light so much longer and they’ll light themselves up even if you aren’t at home when dark sets in. Just add some battery operated tealight candles and you’re all set.

Tutorial: bitzngiggles

2. DIY Tree Branch Solar Bulb

DIY Tree Branch Solar BulbYou can make your own gorgeous tree branch solar bulb with a few twigs and a balloon. Just glue the twigs over the blown up balloon and then when the glue has dried, bust the balloon and pull out the pieces. Then you’ve got a great globe for your solar lights. You can add solar lights that you pick up from the Dollar Store – they’ll only cost you a couple dollars for a set – and make enough of these to line your walkway.

3. DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse Lights

DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse LightsI love these lighthouses. Actually, I love all lighthouses but these especially because they double as solar lights. You can make them with terra cotta pots and solar lights. Just stack the pots to look like a lighthouse form, paint and add your lights. The solar lights go on top, just like on a real lighthouse. Whether you live near the coast or just wish you did, these solar lighthouses are definitely a must for the garden.

Tutorial: Ebay Tutorials

4. DIY Miniature Fairy Solar Jars

DIY Miniature Fairy Solar JarsThese little miniature jars are too cute and they have solar lights so they’ll be cute even when it’s dark. If you tend to love fairy houses and such, you’re really going to adore these little jars. You just fill mason jars with tiny little gardening items or anything that you think your fairies would like. Then, add a solar light which you can glue onto the lid and leave your jars out in the garden for charging.

Tutorial: Ebay.com Tutorials

5. Solar Fairy Lanterns

Solar Fairy LanternsI love outside fairy décor. These fairy lanterns on Etsy are a great way to bring some whimsy into your outdoor living spaces and they give off light after dark without the need for batteries. You just hang them up outside and let them soak up the sun and then they light up your outdoors wonderfully. They’re colorful and they’re made in mason jars, so they’re just perfect for rustic country décor. You can get these on Etsy for under $20.

Tutorial: etsy

6. DIY Frosted Solar Mushroom

DIY Frosted Solar MushroomMushrooms are so gorgeous when you use them to decorate your garden – the DIY kind, that is. This little mushroom is made from a frosted lampshade and it’s pretty easy to put together. You’ll need a solar light kit for this one, which you can get at the Dollar Store for just a couple of dollars. The colors are really beautiful. This is the perfect little mushroom to light up your flower garden at night.

Tutorial: craftster

7. DIY $5 Beach Themed Solar Lights

DIY $5 Beach Themed Solar LightsThis great nautical themed solar light kit is an upcycle project and it’s perfect for bringing a bit of the coast to your outdoors. You can use leftover wood from other projects. Just paint them a pale blue, tie them all together with rope and add your solar lights. If you don’t have a set of solar lights, you can pick them up at the Dollar Store really cheap. If you have the wood on hand, this entire project will only cost about $5 and it’s the perfect addition to your porch or pool deck.

Tutorial: hometalk

8. Frosted Mason Jar Hanging Lights

Frosted Mason Jar Hanging Lights Those old mason jars that you have on hand would make beautiful solar lights if you frost them just a bit. You can buy these amazing jar lids on Etsy that have solar lights installed. All you have to do is supply the mason jars. If you’ve been looking for a nice farmhouse style solar light project, this is definitely a good one. Plus, you can pick up these lids on Etsy for around $30 or so a set – so you can create an entire line of these amazing mason jar solar lights.

Tutorial: etsy.com

9. Repurposed Solar Accent Light

Repurposed Solar Accent LightThis accent light can be made for about $3 or so and it’s perfect for sitting on the patio table at night. You’ll need a solar path light, which you can get for around a dollar if you don’t already have one on hand. You also need a wide mouth glass or vase, some glass rocks, and about five minutes to put it all together. Just pour the rocks into your vase or glass and remove the stem from the solar light. Then just put the light upside down on your rocks and let them soak up the sun.

Tutorial: dollarstorecrafts

10. DIY Solar Address Sign

DIY Solar Address SignI love the thought of this solar address sign. Using an old lantern and a solar light kit, you can turn your ordinary house numbers into something that looks amazing on the porch or in your garden. Plus, this lit up house numbers sign makes it much easier for people to see your address when it’s dark. This is such an easy DIY project and instantly dresses up your outdoors.

Tutorial: theseasonalhome

11. Gorgeous DIY Solar Light Chandelier

Gorgeous DIY Solar Light ChandelierThis chandelier is the best repurpose project ever. Not only do you get to keep a beautiful chandelier intact, you get to use it as part of your outdoor decorating and it’s solar powered. There’s nothing that I don’t love about this project. You can find old chandeliers at most thrift stores if you don’t have one that you can use. Then you just replace the light bulbs with solar powered bulbs and you’ve got the perfect outdoor lighting solution.

Tutorial: homejelly


20 Solar Light Repurposing Ideas To Brighten Up Your Outdoors

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